It’s that little voice in the back of your mind that tells you horrible things like…

“You’re tricking people into thinking you know what you’re doing.”
“Every single thing you say and do is derivative bullshit.”
“You’ll never be good enough, you suuuuuck!”

It’s a voice you’ve been listening to for far too long, but you have no idea how to stop!



I’m not gonna lie, it involves some work, but that work doesn’t have to be boring, tedious, and super uncomfortable. You can use your talents and skills to help make it fun, inspiring, and long-lasting!

It’s hard to not be critical over your work, your message, and even your experience in this world. It’s hard to look at other artists and think, “They’re so amazing, I’ll never be that good.” It’s hard to feel disconnected from the very thing that brought you joy because of some bully in your brain.

You owe it to yourself and the world (no, seriously, the whole wide world!) to overcome that little asshole!

Look, I’m not a therapist, I’m not a magician, and I’m definitely not here to tell you exactly what to do to fix allllllll your problems. I am an artist, and like you, I can figure out visual problems much easier than I can just listening to the racing thoughts in between my ears and vague suggestions like “breeeeaaathe” and “quiet your mind”. What 👏 does 👏 that 👏 even 👏 mean?! 👏

I get it, like so many creatives, I’ve been where you are! That’s why I drew out the source of this terrible inner voice. I doodled him on some scrap sketch paper, popped him into Illustrator, added some color and stank, and named him Eustace. Now with this inner critic right in front of me, it’s much easier to catch those negative, unproductive thoughts before they do some real damage and I can get back to doing the things I love!


Shining a spotlight on your deepest, darkest inner critic is the first step toward finding confidence and inner peace. Learn how to identify, visualize, and ultimately befriend your inner saboteur in this immersive, irreverently enlightening course!

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This course was created to be comfortably completed in just four weeks*! Each week will deep dive into five topics covering a wide range of info, skills, and strategies. Every topic includes a brief yet informative (and dare I say mildly entertaining) video, a journal prompt for you to explore the concepts we discuss, actions you can take in your daily life, and a downloadable .PDF for you to follow along and take notes! All content will be delivered each morning, straight to your inbox, or watch directly from our members area!


Week 1:
Know what you’re dealing with

Get to know your inner critic better by diving into its common communication styles. In this section, we’ll cover…

  • Identifying and Creating Your Sharp & Squishy

  • Understanding its Purpose

  • Fear as a Motivator

  • Impostor Syndrome

  • Procrastina… (to be continued)

Week 2:
Level Up!

Build up your armor and skillset so you can manage your inner critic more effectively! Here, we’ll talk about…

  • Releasing Perfectionism

  • Self Care (it’s not all fancy baths and Chinese takeout)

  • Learn to Love Failure

  • Establishing Self-Worth

  • Meditation

Week 3:
Training Your Sharp & Squishy

Now that we know who we’re dealing with and we’ve leveled up, it’s time to train your critic!

  • Shit or Get Off the Pot

  • How to Say No/When to Say Yes

  • Dealing with Creative Blocks

  • Break It Down, Yo

  • Pulling Out of a Downward Spiral

Week 4:
Best Frenemies

Like any relationship, there’s nuance. These skills are here to help strengthen the bond between you and your former worst enemy.

  • The “Why?” Game

  • Don’t Feed It After Midnight

  • Gathering Your Resources

  • Know Your Value

  • Gratitude

  • You’re a maker or a do-er, whether that’s drawing, painting, sculpting, digital arts, writing, photography, music, acting, the lost art of pantomime…

  • You’re struggling with self-doubt, perfectionism, or procrastination

  • You’re tired of the burnout cycle and creative slumps

  • You’re uncomfortable sharing your creative work with others

  • You’ve dreamed of being a “real artist” but don’t think you actually can

  • You are a working artist but still don’t believe that you’re a “real artist”

  • You’re ready to work to shift your mindset and pursue your dream!

Photo by Sarah Hooker Photography

Photo by Sarah Hooker Photography

Hey! I’m Sam

I’m a professional artist, nerd, and neurodiverse human who loves to cheer on other creatives! I believe the world always needs more beauty, more color, and more contrasting and interesting perspectives.

If you’re an Appalachian nerd hiker, you may know my work from Fox & Fir Design, an environmental project that helps support eco-non-profits across the Southeast. (did anyone else read that in Troy McClure’s voice?)

After more than a few heartfelt coffee/tea chats with creatives from all different mediums and backgrounds, I noticed that there’s a lot of common themes that we as makers tend to grapple with.

So, drawing from years of personal experience, trainings, and therapy (again, not a therapist, different chair) I’m excited to show you what I’ve learned that has helped inspire artists to work with their own inner demons in creative ways!

Illustration from my brain meats

Illustration from my brain meats

…and this is Eustace

Eustace was first drawn out a few years ago when I was in the thick of drowning in a deep anxiety/depression cycle (you know how it goes). He was the source of all of the negative, suffocating, destructive thoughts. Now with a visual representation of what I was dealing with, it made working through/with those issues a lot easier.

“Sharp & Squishy” comes from how I see my inner critic, Eustace. He’s quick-witted and potentially dangerous if one were caught on the wrong end of his horns. But, at his core, he’s soft and well-meaning!

That’s why I’ve written this course. I want to show you how to deal with your own Eustace so you can pursue your creative dreams whole-heartedly!


This is some woo woo millennial nonsense.

Okay, so that’s not really a question, but yeah, you’re right, it’s ridiculous! But isn’t continuing to do the same song and dance, day in and day out, hoping for something to change also pretty ridiculous? Look, sometimes you’ve got to fight crazy with crazy!



Okay, I’m into this. How much is this gonna cost me?

Since you’d be a founding member your investment is only $197! Real talk, this course is valued at over $2000 and will go up in price. This includes the four week course and access to me via email during the run of the curriculum! That way if you have any questions, are looking for clarity, or just need someone to share how you’re feeling during this experience, you’re not alone :)


Wait, you totally shared the whole course outline. Couldn’t I go do all that myself for free?

I mean you could go Google each individual topic, spend a few minutes opening several tabs (because you and I both know you’re not gonna blindly trust the top link), spend hours sifting through all that information, get overwhelmed, close all the tabs and go eat ice cream. I’m not judging your journey, my favorite flavor is black cherry :)

Or you can spend less than 10 minutes a day getting the exact info and support that you need to thrive AND feel a real shift in less than a month!



What if I don’t learn everything I want/need to know?

The human brain is a pretty complex thing, and I’m not saying this four weeks is going to change your entire life instantaneously. Doesn’t work like that. BUT! If the course curriculum sounds like something that would help you, then this is for you! If you find a particular video topic to be lacking in what you need, let me know! I’ll be happy to work with you through some of the tougher stuff so you can be in a better place a month from today.



I suck at drawing, and Eustace is so cute, will you draw my inner critic for me?

Awww, you’re so sweet! Sooooo here’s the thing. Yes? But I can’t do the work for you. In fact, I highly recommend that you draw your inner critic yourself, as that will make the connection more meaningful.

That being said, if you reeeeeally want a vectored version of your vision, contact me at sharpandsquishy@gmail.com!


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